Starting their careers just from their college dorm, DJ Davis and András Lévai have gone deeper into the EDM atmosphere by releasing their first house track, ‘Cigarettes After Sunset.’ As to making progressive house tunes to show off at their shows upon being a Soundcheck DC resident, the duo thought it was time to step out of their comfort zone and take things to the next level.

One of two from the duo DJ Davis describes on making the track “Taking a step back from our signature hyped-up energy, ‘Cigarettes After Sunset’ is reminiscent of cozy summer nights spent living life with your closest friends. We took inspiration from the upcoming artist ‘Nimino’, as we attempted to create a soundscape that was ethereal and illustrative. Hinting stylistically at Disclosure and Flume, this chill house track is sure to make its way to rooftop parties all across the world. There is nothing we like more than making memories surrounded by the people we love, and that’s the exact emotion we wanted to captivate when producing this track. We both hit off each other’s energy while we were in the studio, and we were able to finish this song faster than any other we have ever made. For those curious, we are in the works with a vocalist for a full-fledged track coming out in the coming months! Peace, love, and party on”

The duo had opened up for artists Hailene, Chocolate Puma, MADDS, Jack Beats, and Matt Steffanina at their residency venue and are on the come-up with a ton of unreleased music waiting to be shared for their fans and also the world to hear. Stream their newest single below.

Image Credit: Güd Vibez – Soundcheck DC