In 2017, ILLENIUM released one of the most memorable tracks from his second studio album, ‘Awake’, collaborating with MAX for the first time. Fast forward to today, five years after ‘Awake’ was released, MAX and ILLENIUM thought a follow-up to their ‘Beautiful Creatures’ was well needed. As part of his recent Labor Weekend performance at the North Coast Music Festival in Chicago, ILLENIUM gave a sneak peek of what was ‘Worst Day’. There were a number of fans who shared live videos on Twitter about the collaboration and needed the name immediately. As a result of MAX responding to the producer’s tweet, fans began to wonder if this was going to be the beginning of another collaboration between the two.

The track is reminiscent of ILLENIUM’s ‘Beautiful Creatures’ but also gives a hint of the collaboration with John Bellion from ‘Good Things Fall Apart’. As for ILLENIUM, the producer has stated via Twitter he will be going harder than ever in his last shows of 2022 and will be bringing back the live shows everyone has anticipated for in 2023. Keep an eye out for ILLENIUM’s upcoming releases along with getting tickets to his monumental TRILOGY show that happens June 2. For now, you can listen to his most recent single below.

Image Credit: Illenium – Instagram