With his releases to date in 2022, Aaron Hibell is undoubtedly one of the rising names in electronic dance music. In addition to posting edits of other artists’ tracks on platforms such as Tiktok and Soundcloud, Hibell was in the spotlight when John Summit requested that his revision of ‘Human’ be released as an official remix for the bender king himself. Hibell released a heartwarming track in 2022, ‘Talking to the moon,’ that he thought would complement the edits and remakes of tracks he was planning. In addition, he thought it would be appropriate to give fans the orchestral version in Aaron Hibell’s signature style before 2022 ended. The three-and-a-half-minute edit takes listeners into another abyss by depicting what it is like to live in a producer’s mind. As a result, his ideas of techno beats and orchestral elements are combined to create an emotionally intense and cinematic sound.

Aaron Hibell, who has received over five million likes on his Tiktok account and is rapidly expanding his following, is one of the artists to watch in 2023. He has indicated via Twitter that he plans to perform in Los Angeles, London, and Germany in the future and possibly even more cities. If you have yet to hear the emotional touch of the orchestral edit of his latest release, stream it below.

Picture Credit: Aaron Hibell – Instagram